Mulled Wine

Now, the other way around – I will enlighten my non-American friends with something truly European. Glühwein, or mulled wine, is a European classic of hot spiced wine, perfect for drinking while you wander a Christmas market, after a day on the ski slopes, or just while you sit and watch Christmas movies. Continue reading Mulled Wine

Green Bean Casserole

My American friends won’t need a recipe, this is on every Campbell’s soup can from California to Wisconsin to Florida to New York. But green bean casserole, or really any casserole, is not a thing on this side of the Atlantic. I am happy to enlighten all of my non-American friends on this. Continue reading Green Bean Casserole

Miso-Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Fennel

We can all agree that the villain of the winter roast dinner is the brussels sprout, a strange unsightly vegetable with a bitter taste. On the other hand, sweet licorice-like fennel is the hero of the roast vegetable, requiring nearly no work at all to taste delicious. Pairing these two together, and cooking properly, will be the answer to this particular predicament. Continue reading Miso-Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Fennel