Make Your Own Naan!

As you may have seen, we eat a lot of Indian-inspired cuisine in this household. Rather than buying our naan from the shops (since we aren’t going to the shops) we’ve had to get creative and start experimentation. Aaron has cracked the code, and is now our at home naan expert. We’ve adapted multiple recipes down into this simple one. Continue reading Make Your Own Naan!

Potato Pizza (Pizza con Patate e Rosmarino)

Some days, you just want carbs with your carbs. I will always remember my first experience with potato pizza: visiting Aaron before I lived in London, we went to a tiny pizzeria in Camden. Potato pizza was on the menu, and I decided to give it a go. It’s now one of my favourite types of pizza and with quarantine making ordering food into quite the (expensive) task, I decided to give pizza a go on my own! Please try this at home and feel proud and happy of your results. Continue reading Potato Pizza (Pizza con Patate e Rosmarino)