Potato Pizza (Pizza con Patate e Rosmarino)

Some days, you just want carbs with your carbs. I will always remember my first experience with potato pizza: visiting Aaron before I lived in London, we went to a tiny pizzeria in Camden. Potato pizza was on the menu, and I decided to give it a go. It’s now one of my favourite types of pizza and with quarantine making ordering food into quite the (expensive) task, I decided to give pizza a go on my own! Please try this at home and feel proud and happy of your results. Continue reading Potato Pizza (Pizza con Patate e Rosmarino)

Quarantine Routine

Hello, I thought today I would do a personal post alongside a food post. Everyone has their own ways of dealing with the current situation we are living through. I’ve been on strict lockdown with my partner now for 6 weeks (today marks the day!). Because he is high risk, and I am potentially at … Continue reading Quarantine Routine